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I've been meaning to say for ages how much I enjoyed that the Haunted House thread matched up characters who'd never spoken before. Ian and Adric had discussed Adric's friends before the House thread anyway, so Ian already wanted to meet Nyssa. So it was great that they got matched up.

And I've really been enjoying playing Ian and Nyssa, who was someone none of my pups had talked to at all. We're still working on getting the two of them back to Sarah's after the Haunted House :)

Spread the love for all the muses

Stolen (with permission) from walkineternity who posted it in theatrical_fen

Saw this around a few other communities and thought it might be a nice way for people to get some random praise and love for no reason, other than that they're awesome. And it might surprise you to see that others read your work. So basically, this is a blanket thread to spread some love to all the muns, and their various pups.

Some of us RP outside of just ficlet writing, so it stands to reason any and all praise given could be related to anything that has to do with Relative Space pups, whether that be someone admiring your ficlet responses, your icons, your original character, your threads, your interactions with other characters, etc.

So basically, just post a comment with your name (optional) and your muse(s), and hopefully this catches on, and people will get lots of random love, both for themselves and their muses.'s hoping. :D

Edit: If some people are perhaps too shy to pimp themselves, feel free to pimp them. :D Everyone deserves some love.
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Thread between velvetdoc and unit_girl

It's still in its early stages, but I was very happy to see this thread between the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, played by velvetdoc and unit_girl. I've really enjoyed reading past threads where they interact, and it's lovely to anticipate where this one will go. I know it will be enjoyable, because both of those characters are so seamlessly and brilliantly played. And I've enjoyed the sparse interactions I've had with both their characters already, in other realms beyond this community. So, just my thumbs up, and hearty enthusiasm projected to the muns, I look forward to reading more!
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Fangirling his_sarah_jane and walkineternity

I wanted to fangirl the thread between Four and Sarah. I don't ship the Doctor with anyone at all, but they're so sweet together and so in character.

Although alt!Harry is screaming blue murder at it, so it's just as well he knows nothing about it :)

And while I'm here I also wanted to get all excited about Ian and Adric being the best of friends - I don't think I'd have predicted that just from watching the episodes.

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I would like to fangirl decadentmind. Fivey and I absolutely love playing with Catherine, she's grood: great and good...and just plain excellent...Catherine is a wonderful pup, and even when she's playing out relationships with Mike, Nine and Ten, both Fivey and myself enjoy them greatly. Even if he does get a little jealous at times...

In RS, her friendship with Nine and animosity with alt!Ten are well thought out and pure joy to read. And even though he yells at me all the time, the occasional angst between her and Fivey makes their relationship seem...well...human.

Long story short - I love you...and want you to have my babies.
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Because this does deserve fangirling. Brought to you in Amusing Format so I don't feel so... egocentric.

From BKT Productions comes an exciting new adventure starring Fitz Kreiner, the Eleventh Doctor, and the Thirteenth Doctor! Don't miss






Elvis impersonators!

In six sensational segments!

Prologue: WTF MAN?! and Part One: Honey, We Shrunk the Doctors

Part Two: Anyone For Cow-Tipping?

Part Three: Thirty Seconds Over Skaro

Part Four: Viva Las Vegas!

Part Five: Planet of the Accountants

Part Six: The Swamps of Home

No pups were permanently harmed in the making of this programme. One scarf and one pair of converse sustained lasting damage. Attendents will be standing by for donations to pay for reparations. Please give generously.

Buy now, and you'll get the bonus featurette FOR FREE!

Bonus Featurette: What the Hell Did They Get Up To Behind the Scenes, Anyway?

Bonus Featurette drawn by Blayze, who is amazing and I love her. *flails*
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A bit of a fangirl!!!

I just wanted to take a quiet moment and fan the ever fabulous ninewho. Our plots and paths do not always cross, but every time we have a reason to do a thread together I look forward to every tag. They are a truly generous roleplayer, not only giving tons of material to play off of, but truly challanging my muse and her ways of thinking as well. And that's the good stuff. The really, really good stuff.

Thank you!